Monday, 25 September 2017

Why I should be principal for a day

      Why I should be principal for a day
                   Help with learning
To start off I will talk about helping with our learning,  I will help with the children’s education by getting them to do homework that they understand, this is like when you ask a question to yourself and you don’t understand it but then you do.

Learning is fun
   I will convince kids to look at learning as fun by letting kids do learning games, it’s like when you feel like sports aren't fun but then you figure it is fun.

  I will let kids participate in activities that they don’t usually do by letting them play a bit to get into it, it is like have to try something new like for example,  I had to try fruit salad and I actually turned to like it.

In conclusion
My ideas will hopefully not just affect the class but whole school.


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Ko wai au

IMG_1085.JPGKo wai au
My paddle is about my life and what is important in my life.
My name is of course important. My family is the most important thing on there. My pepeha is apart of my māori culture on the other side is the islands that I come from, Athens is from my greek side and dog with the hearts around it is telling you that I love dogs. The flags are all my cultures but this term I learn’t I’m Dutch so that’s another thing that you now know, the words at the bottom is all the is to represent that I’m lazy (Netflix,Youtube, Wifi, Juice and KFC) I put friends in because first of all I have caring ones, second I care for them. Lastly Harry Potter, I’m a Harry Potter freak( literally).

I put cricket because it is my favourite summer sport. Well that is the reason I put that stuff on my paddle, at the end is my name to tell you you that it is my work, at the end it says Wild and free cause that is what I am.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

All about me

                          All About Me
Kia orana my name is Manaia-Rain I am 9 years old this year I’m turning 10 . I have 8 siblings counting my dogs.
My favourite series to watch on netflix is full house and fuller house. My cultures are Māori, Cook Island, English, Spanish and Greek.

My dream places to go to when I’m older is probably:
  1. Jamaica
  2. Hawaii
  3. Mexico
  4. Japan
  5. Greece
My favourite author is J.K  Rowling she wrote all the Harry Potter books and I am a big fan my house is Hufflepuff guess what I have all the books. That is how big of a fan I am.

Well I hope you liked learning about me bye.


Thursday, 3 November 2016




Fun colours
Really beautiful
Wow it’s loud
Orange is in the firework
Raining is not good  
So scared    

By Manaia - Rain                 

Monday, 22 August 2016


Hello i'm Manaia-Rain. My hobbies are dancing, netball and being crazy. I'm a Year four. I'm English,Maori  and many more cultures. I've been to many places.  Brisbane is one of them. My favourite shot put person is Valerie Adams.  She is from Rotorua and my next favourite is Tomas Walsh. My favourite favourite type of animals are reptiles.  My favourite subject in school is science. My favourite movie series is Harry Potter and my house in Harry Potter is Hufflepuff.   My favourite colour is yellow and orange. My favourite type of food is meat.  I'm kind of a carnivore. I do gymnastics and play netball. I love DC comics. I am in one of the best classes in my school. My favourite planet in the solar system is Pluto even  that people don't think it's a planet, I still do. When I grow up I wanna be a shot put person. That's it from me. Hopefully you enjoyed my story about me.  See you next time, bye.

My favourite food :
sweet treats
fast food
meat ( I'm a carnivore )

My favourite  books :
Harry potter number 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8